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10 Steps to Buying a Property With A Buyer's Agent

1) Realtors who represent buyers to find the best properties that meet their needs at the right price.

2) Buyers’ agent will send you a list of properties that are available in the area of your choice.

3) Buyer’s agent usually has a relationship with the listing agent to find out details that are not listed in the description of the property on the MILS.

4) Buyer’s agent help you are per-approved with a reputable bank. Do not present a per-qualification letter as most listing agents won’t accept per-quals.

5) Once you have identified a property you want to make an offer on sit down with agent and have a strategy to presenting the offer.

6) Buyer’s agent should pull property title on the property to see if there is any information that might affect the offer or sale of the property.

7) Buyer’s agent should present the offer with a pre-approval letter from a lending institution, a statement or letter from your lending institution verifying down payment monies, a letter from you explaining why you love the sellers home with photos of yourself and family.

8) Buyer’s agent do not go to the city planning department to research lot size, property size, zoning, any assessments coming up, any building permits on property and anything else that might pertain to the property.

9) Buyers’ agent will handle all negotiations and acceptance offer (if any) with listing agent until you have an approved offer.

10) Buyer’s agent should give you an estimated closing statement so you can estimate funds necessary for close of sale.


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