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Top 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Beach Property

Ten Things to Consider when Buying a beach property as an investment

  1. Location, Location, Location and that does not always mean closest to the beach.There are areas close to the beach that have their inherent issues like, on a busy street, near an industrial plant, or other restrictive areas.

  2. Proximity to shopping, schools and restaurants.We are becoming a nation of convenience so when purchasing a beach property make sure there are restaurants and shopping within walking distance.

  3. Age of property, as homes that were built under 1995 are starting to feel their age and there might be hidden repairs needed. Thoroughly inspect property to include home inspection, plumbing, roof, air conditioning and electrical.

  4. Parking! Beach parking is usually impossible especially in the summer months.Make sure you check out if city will provide you extra parking permits and are there any parking restrictions in the area.

  5. Protect your view, if your neighbors in front of you has an old one story beach bungalow chances are they will eventually sell to a person who wants to tear it down and build a three story property.

  6. Building moratorium, every once and a while there is a restriction on a property or properties in a beach community.Make sure you contact your building department of that city and ask about any building or remodeling restrictions.

  7. Coastal Commission, if property is close to ocean contact Coastal Commission to find out if there are any restrictions on building or remodeling.

  8. The beach, how is the beach rated for clean water and safety ie: lifeguards, etc.?A beach that has safety features, parking and clean water usually have higher appreciation.

  9. If you want to lease your property talk to a specialist in the area or property management to protect your property and find out local and county restrictions.

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