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Staged Homes Vs Non Staged homes. Does it make a difference during the selling process?

In today's real estate market the number's have shown that it's a seller's market. Buyer's are chomping at the bit to get their piece of the pie in the real estate market and with rates being low, and rent on the rise, that mean's that seller's have to do very little work to get their buyer's interested right? Wrong, according to an article released by The Mortgage Reports, buyer's are more compelled to buy homes that are staged vs not staged. A whopping 73% of homes are selling faster by having a staged vs non staged home.

Why is this so crucial? For one, having an expert stager who understands spacing, lightening and the overall aesthetic of the home can entice the buyer to feel a connection and sense of being in their perspective home. The buyer starts to envision their life there during the walk through of the property. As they see the beautiful landscaped backyard with the fire pit and seating area, they think of all the amazing get together's they can have with family and friends. A professional stager sets the bar high and attracts buyers from the minute they view that ad of their dream home.

Coastal Vacation Estates can help you turn any home into the home of your dreams. We offer extensive client services: Luxury leasing, remodel and repair services. Asset management services and much more.

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