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3 Must Do's before your remodel your home.

1) Check the plumbing of the property. Hire a plumber that performs home inspections to check your water and sewer pipes. Older homes, older than 20 years, can start to have hidden leaks. Have plumber run cameras through the sewer and water pipes to make sure there are not any cracks or large roots from trees growing through the pipes. If you find a crack repair it!

2) Have a professional roofer installer check your roof. Check for flashing around skylights, vents, etc. Make sure the shingles are in good shape and not curling. Look in the attic, if you have one, and check if there is any water damage on the beams or wood. If you don't have an attic check the top of the roof for excessive moss or large dark spots. This is a sign of water leaks.

3) Excessive cracks in the concrete in driveway, garage or patios. If concrete cracks are buckling with gaping holes have a structural engineer check the property. This can be a problem with roots from trees, cracked foundation or other geological issues. #3mustdosbeforeremodeling #remodelingmyhome

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