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Safeguarding Your Home: Understanding Home Robbery Statistics and Prevention 

Key Insights & Statistics-

According to the Zebra, an independent insurance comparison site (, some key insight burglary statistics to be mindful of are: 

  • In 2017, the FBI reported 1,401,840 burglaries with 57.5% of all burglaries involving forcible entry. (Criminal Justice Information Services Division)

  • Homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be broken into and burglarized. (

  • 46.9% of people don’t have a home security system installed in their home. (The Zebra)

  • 83% of would-be burglars check for the presence of an alarm system before attempting a break-in. (FBI)

  • 34% of burglars use the front door when breaking into a home. (Bureau of Justice)

  • There are 2.5 million burglaries annually in the United States. 66% of these are home invasions. (US Department of Justice)

Prevention Strategies-

Home Security Systems: Investing in a reliable home security system with alarms and surveillance cameras can deter potential burglars and provide homeowners with peace of mind. Visible security measures act as a strong deterrent. Here are a few affordable easy to install from Amazon:

2.  Simply Safe- 5 Piece Wireless Home security System.  Optional 24/7 professional monitoring, no contracts and compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

3.  Ring Alarm Pro- Ring Alarm Pro 8-piece kit. Built in Wi-Fi router and 30 day free Ring Protect Pro subscription.

Secure Entry Points: Reinforcing doors and windows with sturdy locks and materials makes it more difficult for intruders to gain access. Additionally, installing security film on windows can prevent shattering upon impact.

Outdoor Lighting: Well-lit exteriors discourage burglars from approaching homes unnoticed. Motion- activated lighting and strategically placed fixtures enhance visibility and reduce the risk of break-ins.

Neighborhood Watch Programs: Community involvement is a powerful tool in preventing home robberies. Establishing neighborhood watch programs encourages residents to look out for one another and report suspicious activities promptly.

Smart Home Technology: Leveraging smart home technology allows homeowners to remotely monitor and control various aspects of their homes, including locks, lights, and security systems, enhancing overall security.

Securing Valuables: Keeping valuables in secure locations, such as a safe or hidden compartments, adds an extra layer of protection. This minimizes losses in the event of a home robbery.

Social Media Caution: Avoid sharing travel plans or extended absences on social media platforms. Broadcasting such information can make homes more susceptible to burglary.

Home robberies are a concern for many Americans, but proactive measures can significantly reduce the risk. By understanding the statistics, implementing preventive strategies, and fostering a sense of community vigilance, we can work together to create safer residential environments. Safeguarding our homes is a collective effort that requires awareness, preparedness, and a commitment to ensuring the security and well-being of our communities.


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