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5 Top Sites for Artwork for your Home

When I stage houses to sell or lease I always need to remove some of the owner's artwork and buy new artwork. These five places are where you can create or buy artwork that is affordable and perfect for your home.

1) Big Stock Photos This site is a create your own artwork. For a nominal fee you can buy the photo for personal use. When choosing a photo I think of what I am trying to tell in a room and then I purchase the photo. As example, if I was doing a beach house I would find photos of the beach, birds, sand, shells, and other photos specific to your area.

2) I Canvas is a site I use to print the photos from Big Stock Photos. You can choose a size, select a frame, or just have canvas edges. I Canvas also has it's own incredible choice of artwork to choose from in all different sizes.

3) Home Goods, is a great place to find mirrors, artwork or photos. The challenge is finding something that works in Home Goods, because what is in the store is all they have in stock.

4) Amazon, is a great place to find artwork. They also have a new division called Amazon Home which has higher end artwork. When you go to Amazon type in search bar, Amazon Home Decor.

5) Wayfair, great site for artwork for your walls. I have bought some beautiful pieces from them that looked expensive but were very affordable.


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